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Last Month

Last month we had an amazing Taste of Mexico; the authentic food, dance and music allowed for a great night with friends.

What's Happening This Month

We will be continuing with our Building Bridges program which has gained more popularity each week. Make sure you come early to save yourself a seat! 

We will be having our Mardi Gras fundraiser on October 20th! Make sure to grab your tickets at the office and be with us on  great evening filled with cocktails, dinner, and live music.

Upcoming Programs

We are continuing our Building Bridges program, which has had more members from the community join each week, every Wednesday until November 8th. 

Our newest program is Info with an Officer, aimed towards immigrants or new Canadian citizens, but everyone is welcome to join! Feel comfortable in a safe environment to have your questions answered by police officers and legal experts. This will run every Tuesday from October 3 until November 28.

  • Stay tuned as we continue to plan for Spanish lessons and dancing
October's Taste of

This month we will be diving into the culture of Nigeria. Join us on October 27 to experience unique flavors, music and entertainment.

Coming Up in November

On November 10th we will be having our Taste of Argentina. Please join us as we explore another cultures food, music, and dance. 

Membership Information

In order to be a part of our organization, membership applications can be filled out as an individual, which costs $25 a year, or a group, which costs $50 a year. 

For the application form and other inquiries please contact us at 403-320-1577 or stop in at the office located at 421-6th Ave S.

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