Take a Seat on the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association Board - Call for Nominations

The SAEA is seeking candidates to serve on its Board of Directors to support the objectives, goals and activities of the organization. The SAEA Board will reflect a diversity of experience, skills, knowledge and abilities suited to the strategic needs of the organization. SAEA is seeking individuals in particular with a business and a financial background.

Individuals from a range of backgrounds and professional sectors are considered valuable to the board. Three (3) individual director positions are available for 2021 beginning at the AGM on April 22, 2021.

For more information and/or to apply email info@saea.ca or go to the website at www.saea.ca  

Nominations can be submitted at any time, up to Monday, April 12, 2021 by 4:00pm.

Click the download, fill out and submit the form below to info@saea.ca.

The SAEA can fill up to nine Board positions that are elected on 2-year terms.

Current List of Board Members:

Victor Wutor - President
Tyson Kwasney - Vice President
Priti Maheshwari - Secretary
Karla Pyrch - Treasurer
Karoll Moreira - Director
Jose Angel Cortes - Director
Osaro Egharevba - Director
Gerardo Balderas - Director
Donna Whitton - Director

2021 Nomination for SAEA Board Member.pdf

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